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Welcome to the Video Tour page where you can explore places in your community to learn, work, live, buy things and get services. We hope you will find something in these videos that help you talk to your family and teachers about what you want to do after you graduate high school.

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Go To College

Educating All Students

VCU ACE-IT in College

Transitioning Into College with a Disability | Better Not Bitter Podcast - Ep: 03
Graduation is around the corner, so in an effort to give back this weeks episode is the first of a two-part series designed to provide students with disabilities who are transitioning from high school into college, with tips for success.

Get Services in the Community

How to Get Disability Benefits

H-CARDD "Getting a Blood Test" - Francie's Story


Workout video for people in wheelchairs. No Excuses!!!!!

Seated Workouts for Kids | Wheelchair Exercise | Wheelchair Workouts

Live in the Community

Living in an Apartment Complex

Hope House Foundation


Life inside a community residence for the disable

Virtual CBI Grocery Shopping

Work in the Community

Supported Employment -- Community & Family Support

Disclosing A Disability To An Employer

Successful Employment: Everyone Can Work

Supported Employment

Customized Employment

Working it Out: Disability, Employment & COVID-19

Friendship support

Disabilities: How to Cope With Them & Support Others
This video shares ways to support people with disabilities and helpful tips for coping with disabilities when you have them.

How to help a friend cope
In this video, teens are asked for their advice on how to support a friend's mental health and they share their lived experiences.


Overcoming Physical Disabilities as an Entrepreneur | Jason Corning | TEDxNCSSM
In this video, Jason Corning, a deaf-blind entrepreneur and disabilities advocate, shares his challenges and how to create a successful entrepreneurial venture.

Supporting Disabled Entrepreneurs with Diego Mariscal and Hannah Frankl on The Huemann Perspective
This video is in honor of Disability Employment Awareness Month, which is in October, and shares lived experiences of people with disabilities.

Economic/Personal Finance

How those with disabilities can save money without losing government benefits
This video discusses a valuable tool that can help people with disabilities called an "ABLE account." CNBC's Sharon Epperson reports.

7 Easy Ways to Get Financial Help for Disabled People
This video covers 7 ways that people with disabilities can get help with money and their finances.

Mental Health

Youth Mental Health Crisis
This video discusses youth mental health crisis and common issues around mental health.

Managing a Disability & Your Mental Health w/Molly Burke & therapist Kati Morton | Kati Morton
In this video, self-advocates, Kati Morton and Molly Burke, discuss lived experiences of managing disability and mental health.

Recreation (What to do for fun)

Life Advice from Disabled People // Motivational Video 2021
In this video, Adapt to Perform interviews people with disabilities and asks for their life advice.

Adaptive Outdoor Recreation: Tree Climbing for Kids with Disabilities
This video covers tips and tricks for tree climbing for kids with disabilities!

Community Engagement/boards, councils, faith-based orgs. And how to get involved

Why Does Life in the Community Matter to People With Disabilities?
This video shares experiences from people with disabilities who live in the community.

Changing The Way We Talk About Disability | Amy Oulton | TEDxBrighton
This TedTalk video is by Amy Oulton and discusses the good and bad ways that we talk about disability.

Social Inclusion for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities
This video shares perspectives around social inclusion for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

ADA Compliance

The ADA Explained
This video explains what the Americans with Disabilities Act is and how it protects people with disabilities in America.

Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) // Basic Training You Need To Know
This video explains what the Americans with Disabilities Act is and the important things everyone should know about it.


Access To Public Transportation For People With Disabilities
This video discusses the importance of accessible transportation for people with disabilities.

The Intersection of Transit and Disability
This video covers the unique struggles that people with disabilities have when it comes to transportation.

Virtual Employment

Discussion on Virtual Employment Services for People with Developmental Disabilities
This video has a group of people sharing information around virtual employment services and opportunities for people with disabilities.

Employer: Going Virtual with Disability Solutions
This video covers solutions to common problems around virtual work and teleworking options for people with disabilities.

Virtual Meetings

How to Run a Virtual Meeting [BEST PRACTICES]
This video shares ways that people can host a virtual meeting with others. It is a good example and resource for those working on their virtual meeting skills.